Setting the Right Price   

Setting the right price for your property is the single most important decision you will make when selling your home. Arriving at an accurate estimate of the value of your home is one of your real estate sales representative’s prime responsibilities. They will analyze your home against “comparables” in your neighbourhood and determine the true market value and optimum selling price. This Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) considers age, condition of your home, location, size and style of your home as well as recent upgrades, renovations and special features. It may also include a broader market analysis using sales statistics available only to qualified Real Estate Sales Representatives. Have a frank discussion about options with your Sales Representative to ensure that your equity is protected. Your Sales Representative can even show you available properties so you can judge how your property compares to others, helping you make an informed decision concerning the listing price of your home. Although your agent can provide you with ranges and strategies, you are the one who is making the final decision. In the end, the asking price of your home should reflect its true market value to sell for the best possible price in the least amount of time. 

Benefits of Setting the Right Price:
1. Stand Out From Competitive Properties from the Beginning: A fairly priced home will generate strong interest from more qualified buyers who are excited to view your home.   
2. Generate Real Estate Agent Excitement and Activity:   Pricing your home competitively will generate the most activity from real estate agents who will be excited to present your property to their network of pre-qualified buyers. 
3. Maximize Your Homes Marketability: Your home generates the most interest in the real estate community and among potential buyers during the first 30 days it is on the market. 
4. Generate Higher Offers: The closer to market value, the higher the offers.
5. Generate Multiple, Competing Offers: A property, priced right in a strong market, may generate multiple, competing offers. 
6. Facilitate a Trouble-Free Closing: Pricing your home “just right” will ensure that your home will be appraised at approximately the same value, allowing potential buyers to quickly secure financing.  

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