Why Is It Better to Have Your Home Evaluated
When It Is Absolutely NOT For Sale?

Your home may be worth a lot more than you think. Then again, it might be worth less. This is a subject that home owners tend to get emotional about, especially around selling time.

If you evaluate your home only when you need to sell, you may set your price too low because you need a quick sale to accommodate the closing date on your new home or because your neighbour’s home sold for less than you expected.

Conversely, you may set your price too high because of a strong personal attachment to your home or because you feel the market is strong.

Whether you set your price high or low, one thing is certain – misjudging the value of your home almost always guarantees you will eventually receive less than you deserve.

That is why right now, when you are not selling, is the ideal time to get a professionally prepared rational and objective evaluation of the current value of your most important asset.

And Why Is It Better to Have a Professional
Evaluation Prepared By Bruce Witchel?

1. There Is No Pressure And No Obligation
I will not ask you to list your home. I understand that you are not selling, and that is the reason you want your home evaluation now. It is precisely this lack of pressure that ensures the objectivity of your “Not For Sale” home evaluation.

2. No Charge
An independent appraiser will charge up to $350 for this service. I will perform the same or better service at NO CHARGE.

3. You Get A Written Report
Most real estate companies will give you a verbal evaluation. I provide a full Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and will provide it to you in writing.

This includes a comprehensive written analysis that takes into account all property and marketplace factors such as similar properties recently sold with addresses, asking prices and where possible, actual selling prices. In addition, you will receive a report on comparable properties for sale in your neighbourhood. I welcome the opportunity to discuss these results with you personally, and to answer any real estate questions that you may have.

4. Unprecedented Success
This offer has been so successful that I have decided to repeat it again this year. If you missed this opportunity in the past, please consider this your invitation to have a personal Comparative Market Analysis prepared for you.

For homeowners who have enjoyed this service in the past, please feel free to call for a NO CHARGE, NO OBLIGATION update.

I care about the level of service that I provide, the results I achieve and most importantly, I care about satisfying your requirements professionally. For your personal CMA, email me below or feel free to call or text me on my direct line at 416-948-2435.

For a complimentary, fast and Free evaluation of your home, please contact me at bruce@brucewitchel.com and I will call you at your convenience!

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