Natasha & Mark Bairos
Bruce Made our First-Home Buying Experience Exceptional!
Having no prior experience searching for and purchasing a home, we needed some handholding through the whole process. Before we even began the search for our dream home, Bruce took us out for a coffee, got to know us, and learned about what we wanted in a house. We asked a lot of questions which Bruce patiently answered, and learned a lot about real estate that we wouldn't have known if Bruce didn't offer up the information. We started the process with a blank slate and gained so much knowledge that we're now the real estate experts for our family and friends. This is a testament to how well Bruce explained each and every step of the process.
Before we found our perfect home, we came across another house we really liked. Bruce helped us come up with a strategy on how to proceed with an offer, and then provided his advice as we negotiated with the sellers. When the situation became a bit complicated,  he helped us rationalize so that we wouldn't make a decision that we would regret and looked out for our best interests. Clearly his focus isn't on making a quick sale, but instead, on helping people.
Whenever we would see a listing of interest, Bruce was available to arrange an appointment that suited our schedules so that we wouldn't miss out on the perfect opportunity. When we decided we wanted to put in an offer, Bruce was willing to do so even if it was 11pm on a Friday night (true story...that's what happened with our house). When we were feeling overwhelmed by all the important decisions that come along with a major investment, Bruce helped us weigh the pros and cons. As someone who is indecisive, this was highly valuable. We had such an enjoyable experience searching for and finding our home that I was actually a little disappointed that our quality time spent with Bruce was over! He feels more like a trusted friend and we are grateful that we had the opportunity to work with him. 
Bruce is incredibly good at what he does and there is a reason he is so successful - he is authentic and understands the market inside and out. If you're in the market for a real estate agent, Bruce is your man.  
- Natasha & Mark Bairos

Feroz and Daulat Kassam
Thank You!
Bruce Witchel is very passionate about his work and always has a smiling face. He also makes you very comfortable to work with him regarding the purchase of a home.  It was a pleasure for us sell and buy a home with Bruce! - Daulat Kassam

He is So Helpful!
I met Bruce Witchel when I was interested in one of his listings. We chatted for a while and he provided me with valuable insight into the real estate market within the Mississauga area. Although circumstances changed and I did not purchase a home at that time, a year later, when I was looking for a home, I remembered how helpful Bruce was at that time, and the lasting impression he left on me. I sent him an email, letting him know that I was urgently looking for a property to move into within 30 days, and within minutes he provided me with 90 listings to review. I looked at them and sent him back a list of homes I’d like to see. He had appointments scheduled for that same day!  
Bruce turned a very stressful situation into a pleasant experience. He found me the home I was looking for in one day! He worked diligently to meet the tight timeline I had presented him with, and I am now happily enjoying my lovely new home. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional real estate agent, who is an expert in his field, that provides invaluable advice, all wound up with a caring, personal touch.  Bruce followed up with me on moving day to make sure that everything was going smoothly. That’s something you don’t find in every agent! - Josie Camilletti

Without you, we would not be able to find such a beautiful house. Thank you once again! - Tom, Maka and Liza Bost

Mickey Coppinger and her Mom
He Has Such a Wealth of Knowledge!
Bruce Witchel is very likable and very easy to work with. He has such a wealth of experience and knowledge that the transitions are very smooth. He's very good at trouble shooting - so if anything arises, he's able to come up with solutions very well. For example, with the sale of my last property, Bruce was able to discuss all of the options with me in a clear, consice manner without ANY pressure, so that I was able to come to a decision on my own and felt total confidence with how I chose to proceed. -Mickey Coppinger, Aug 2013

I would like to thank you so much for your guidance and patience through the last few months. I feel like you are family now. If I hadn’t been recommended to you, I wouldn’t have the lovely home I have today. Again, many thanks! -  Laurie Holt

We appreciate all your hard work in getting us close to our wish to be closer to our families. We very much enjoyed talking and working with you. Good luck in everything you do! - Nayana and Jay Tarimala

Gary and Kiran Persaud
Our House Is Perfect!
Kiran and I would like to thank you for helping us find a home to call our own. This house is absolutely perfect for us and we appreciate everything you and your team have done for us. We look forward to working with you in the future as this was an enjoyable expereince. -Gary and Kiran Persaud

Michiyo and Judith Fuchihara
My mother and I would like to thank you for always being helpful, courteous, generous and showing a great deal of patience throughout this whole stressful selling and buying process. We are enjoying our new condo and getting used to our new environment! - Michiyo and Judith Fuchihara

Nigel Arjoonsingh & Natasha Tang Kai
Bruce Witchel is definitely one of our favorite people!
He is genuine, kind, down-to-earth, friendly, and a compassionate person. As a professional, he is "passionate" about his work. We admire that quality about him as it drives his will to not just do well, but really succeed and excel at what he does. He inspires us as a young couple.

Although he has become a friend to us over the years, when it comes to his work, he is extremely professional - very prompt to return calls and emails, keen to over advice to help make decisions, and to proceed with decisons in a timely fashion. He also has a wealth of contacts for anything you need to get done.
Bruce has delivered on helping us purchase two homes, lease a home, and most recently, purchase the home of our dreams for our growing family. We are so grateful to have Bruce in our lives not just as a real estate agent but as a friend! We love you Bruce, - Nigel & Natasha Arjoonsingh
Taking the opportunity at Thanksgiving to let you know how thankful we are to have had you as our agent this spring. You took care of our needs regarding selling our home and buying the condo with kindness, understanding and efficiency. With fondness. - Michele and Tom Berringer
WOW!! That was fast!! Thanks again Bruce SOOOOOOOOO much for everything you've done for us! You came through just as we knew you would and it was, for the first time ever, a pleasure to work with you as my real estate agent!! If you ever need a recommendation for your future clientele, don't ever hesitate to have them call me. You have really been a blessing to our family and now our blood pressure can go back to normal (my husband's even sleeping better already!) Thanks. Wendy Banhan 
Your thoughtfulness has made a difference. Thank you for everything. It was a pleasure doing business with you.  - Thia Lillywhite       
Thank you for your kind note and gernerous gift card. You made a difficult transition very easy! Thanks again.  
- Bernadette Jaeger      

Sabrina Tavares and Family
Thank You So Much for Helping Me Find My First Home!
Being such a big decision and a milestone in my life, this process was made easier with your assistance and support. You certainly helped make moving to a new city as comfortable as it can be.
I sincerely appreciate your patience and determination working to meet each of my needs. Thanks to you, I will shortly live 1.5 min (instead 1.5 hrs) from my work, in my home, enjoying a bakyard, car safe in my garage, with all the closet space a girl could dream of! -Sabrina Tavares

Bruce Was Extremely Patient With Us!            
Bruce is a very principled and professional real estate agent who does not put any pressure on a client to make a decision. 

Bruce was Extremely Patient with Us
...when we were exploring the possibility of relocating and even though we chose not to move. He has remained in touch with us on an ongoing basis. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to use Bruce's services and am looking forward to having him represent us when we do finally move. Kiron Bondale

Definitely The Best!
We wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to make the sale of our home a relatively painless (almost enjoyable) experience. Your professionalism and honesty during our meetings was very much appreciated and helped to put our minds at ease during the 'ordeal.' Definitely the best! -Bob and Nancy D

Julie Duncan
It Was a Pleasure Working With Bruce!          
It was a pleasure working with Bruce as he's the ultimate professional. It's obvious that he listened to me as the houses that he brought to my attention met my wish list, and as we refined the search so did what Bruce brought forward. You know that Bruce is busy with other clients, but when he's with you, you have his undivided attention. Needless to say, he found me my dream home. The only downside is that that means that I won't be able to work with Bruce again as I don't plan on moving. Julie Duncan
Thank you for helping us out in a very difficult time. It has been a pleasure both to have known you and to have worked with you. Your thorough knowledge of the business, professionalism and confidence assured us that we were always in good hands. Thank you for your guidance in selling our property and we look forward to the same in the future when we buy our first house with your help !!! Sarah & Jerry Vidic

Mary Gaal and Stewart Lougheed
Thanks to Bruce's Expertise and Person Touch
My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce and his staff for a job well done. He never steered us wrong. The whole experience of selling my late Father's home was a positive one, thanks to Bruce's expertise and personal touch. We will always be grateful for having met him. Mary Gaal

Shannon Riddell and Family
We love our new house!
I just wanted to thank you again for helping us find our dream home. We love our new house! It was a pleasure working with you. If anyone is ever looking for an agent you have our referal! The Brick discount was a bonus! You are awesome at what you do! We will contact you again in a few years when we are ready to go bigger! Keep up the good work. Thanks again for everything.Shannon Riddell

I just watched your [Client Appreciation Event] video. I was moved by what a success you have become! You always had that special charm and ability to deal with "real" people. I take such pleasure in seeing how you assist your clients and how much admiration they have for you. Congratulations! - Adam Pivnick

Bruce Witchel, Real Estate Agent
Mississauga, ON,
(416) 948-2435