By: Bruce Witchel

Older Adults Expo

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Enjoy Where You Live - Whenever It Is!

Mississauga recently hosted an Older Adults event where everyone was invited to visit various vendors, get active with some exercises and afterwards relax with tea and dessert, Here's an overview of the event and some interesting suppliers that are there to assist you with whatever stage you are in.

Older Adults (anyone 65+) are expected to increase in population to 17% by the year 2021 (and to grow to over 20% by 2030.) Healthy living and increased age expectations grow this number even more in 2041.

This large group is living longer and certainly want to do all the things that make it easier to function in their homes and their chosen neighbourhoods.

Some interesting stats:
- only 5% live in a nursing home
- over 83% of older adults have little desire to move
- those over 65 move on average about 2.5 times
- almost 13% of women live alone (up from 2.5% in 1951) and most are over 65
Stats courtesy of and Barry Lebow

There were a number of local vendors, such as the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel, who detailed keep-active programs and transit availability initiatives. Other suppliers included assisted living groups, nursing homes, dietary planners, nurse and at-home programs, accessible housing options, police and fire services and real estate professionals.

Key Considerations:
Some of the key considerations in housing for Older Adults are safety, lighting, accessibility and aging in place. Keep these things in mind when looking for a new home or retrofitting your current abode:
- non-slip surfaces
- floors that are non-slip and on one level
- smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every level
- smooth entrance into the home (no cobblestones)
- good lighting around doors, windows, hallways
- large rocker switchplates
- easy-grip handles (straight, instead of round for ease of grip)
- consider a walk-in / roll-in shower stall
- accessible cupboards
- stable rails on all stairways
- consider washer/dryer on main level
- mechanical lift on stairs
- alarm system
- inside access to garage
- place a fire extinguisher in the kitchen
- place a flashlight in the kitchen and one in the basement

When moving from your current residence, there are quite a few suppliers that can assist you in moving years of accumulated items. Options include:
- hiring a mover to store items (while selling)
- junk removal
- donation to charity
- consignment shops
- kijiji and craigslist
- professional organizers
- cleaning crews
- professional stagers
- donations to friends, family and neighbours

If you have any real estate questions, or would like to receive homes designed for older adults, give me a call at 416-948-2435.


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