Top-Ranked Schools in Mississauga

Mississauga has several top-ranked elementary and secondary schools, according to recent testing by the Fraser Institute. The testing factors out socio-economic influences, which may ordinarily be said to pull down school performance. 

Four elementary schools in the City have been assessed at the highest ranking (10.) It is useful to note that this group includes 1 Separate school and 3 Private schools. The highest Public school ranked at 8.7.

Eight Secondary schools ranked in the 80th percentile (scoring 8 to 8.6.) 

Public/Separate schools in the City of Mississauga mandate that students reside in a school's specific geographic area to attend, unless applying to vocational/arts-specific or private learning institutions.

Information on notable schools in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic and Peel Public School Boards can be found below.


· St Edmund Separate School (Catholic) [Fraser score: 10]
1250 Melton Dr (905-277-8962)  | 

· IQRA Islamic School (Private) [Fraser Score: 10]
5751 Coopers Ave (905-507-6688)  | 

· Khalsa School Malton (Private) [Fraser Score: 10]
7280 Airport Rd (905-671-2010)  | 

· Olive Grove School (Private) [Fraser Score: 10]
2300 Speakman Dr (905-855-8557)  | 

Top Ranked Public School:
· Kenollie Public School (Public) [Fraser Score: 8.7]
1376 Glenwood Dr (905-278-8991)  | 

View the full elementary-school rankings report: click below ↓


· John Fraser Secondary School (Public) [Fraser Score: 8.6]
2665 Erin Centre Blvd (905-858-5910)  | 

· St Marcellinus Secondary School (Catholic) [Fraser Score: 8.4]
730 Courtneypark Dr W (905-564-6614)  | 

· Glenforest Secondary School (Public) [Fraser Score: 8.4]
3575 Fieldgate Dr (905-625-7731)  | 

· Cawthra Park Secondary School (Public) [Fraser Score: 8.3]
1305 Cawthra Rd (905-274-1271)  | 

· The Woodlands Secondary School (Public) [Fraser Score: 8.3]
3225 Erindale Station Rd (905-279-0575)  | 

· Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School (Public) [Fraser Score: 8.2]
1490 Ogden Ave (905-274-2391)  | 

· St Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School (Catholic) [Fraser Score: 8.1]
2800 Erin Centre Blvd (905-820-3900)  | 

· ISNA High School (Private) [Fraser Score: 8.1]
2200 South Sheridan Way (905-403-8406)  | 

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