Burglary Prevention

Besides installing new locks on your doors when you take posession of your house, there are a few more safeguards that you can take to ensure that your home will be protected.

· Minimize keys: keep a record of exactly who has a key to your home

· Spare keys: if you have to leave a spare key for someone, place it in a secure lockbox or with a neighbour, not hiding under the mat or in a planter

· Key Storage: when you enter your home, place your keys away from the doorway (as thieves can snatch keys by breaking a window/ just opening the door.)  If your door locks with a key, always remove it when inside and place it in a secure area nearby (so that you can easily exit in case of emergencies)

· Extra Door Security: install a deadbolt on the front and back doors. Consider installing anti-lift devices on patio doors. Security peepholes in doors can add an extra layer of protection

· Visible Protection: place a commercial alarm sign/sticker(s) outside, even if you're not using its services

· Alarms: consider the use of motion alarms at night/ use an alarm service

· Line of Sight: trim bushes or trees from windows, so that the outside is clearly visible

· Prevent Entry: keep windows and doors closed whenever you leave your home

· Look Like You're Home: turn on a radio to make it seem that you're inside, even if you're not. Use automatic timers for lighting (and switch the lights/devices occasionally.) When on vacation, have the mail and newspapers collected (or stopped) and have a service mow the lawn or shovel the snow, if necessary.

· Shine a Light: ensure the home lights are set to the highest capacity, both inside and out

· Mark all valuable items with either nailpolish or an engraving tool (to track if they ever become stolen.) At the same time, keep either a video or written record of these valuables for the insurance company.

· Dogs are good protection, but not foolproof

· Storage: consider using a safe deposit box to store your valuables off-site, at a bank

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